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Planning A Baby Shower? Keep These Dos And Don’ts In Mind

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When it comes to planning a baby shower, many people don’t quite know where to begin. They often either don’t take the process seriously enough and cause details to fall through the cracks or they think of it as an occasion as momentous as a wedding and go completely overboard by planning each and every second of the event. Fortunately, we can help you come to the right balance with your baby shower planning, whether it’s for yourself or another mother-to-be. Here are just a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind when planning a baby shower.

DO: Choose a venue early (but not too early)

Classy yet cheap baby shower locations are easy enough to find, but ensuring availability is what can be tricky. About 40% of brides and grooms-to-be are looking for unusual venues that better reflect their personality, and in most cases, the same applies to mothers and baby showers. Look for cheap baby shower locations that have enough visual aesthetic to provide a luxurious yet casual atmosphere throughout the day. If you wait too long to choose a venue, you may end up disappointed with the options you have left.

DON’T: Force the awkward baby shower games

While all baby shower games and activities have positive intentions, they aren’t always perceived that way, which is why it’s important to keep the games lighthearted and non-invasive. For example, one of the more common games involves guests taking guesses about the circumference of the mother’s baby bump. Unless you’re 100% sure that she’ll laugh it off and take it with the right sense of humor, it’s best to forego it altogether.

DO: Include everyone

Baby showers are sometimes seen as events just for women, but that’s hardly the case. It’s perfectly acceptable to invite men and even children to a baby shower, especially if it’s not the mother’s first baby. There’s no need to exclude anybody for the sake of tradition.

DON’T: Put a major emphasis on gifts

Finally, making a big deal of gifts can make certain guests feel awkward or insecure about the gifts they brought in comparison to others. It’s best to wait to open gifts until most guests have left the baby shower venue and it’s just close friends and family left. Or, consider asking all guests to bring similar items, such as books, clothes, or everyday disposables (diapers, wipes, etc.).

Ultimately, keeping these planning tips in mind can help you plan a beautiful and memorable baby shower that’s enjoyable for everyone involved. For more information about cheap baby shower locations, reception halls, and catering for events, contact Renaissance Miami.