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Choosing a Wedding Reception Venue: Space Considerations

Wedding Reception Venue

There’s a lot to keep in mind when selecting a venue for your dream wedding reception, from the overall look and feel of the space to its location and cost. Before you sign a contract with a venue, though, you’ll want to be sure it’s truly spacious enough to accommodate all of your guests. As you explore your options, be sure to keep these key space considerations in mind.

1. Square Footage Needs (Per Guest)

Did you know there are actually recommendations for how many square feet each guest at a wedding needs to be comfortable? The exact square footage per guest can vary depending on the setup of your venue. In general, though, reception guests need anywhere from 12-15 square feet per person. By multiplying the number of people on your guest list by 15, you can make sure the venue you’re looking at is large enough to suit your needs.

2. Table Size and Capacity

The reception table setup offered by the venue must also be taken into consideration. If space is going to be tight, consider asking your venue coordinator if they can set up round tables for reception seating rather than square or rectangular tables; round tables can accommodate more people in a smaller amount of space.

3. Dance Floor Size

If you’ll have a dance floor at your reception, be sure to add an extra three square feet of space per guest. This means if you plan on having 100 guests, your dance floor area should be around 300 square feet to give everybody enough space to let loose.

These are just a few of the most important space considerations when choosing a reception venue for your wedding. By booking a venue that’s large enough to accommodate everybody comfortably, you can help your guests have a great time!