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White Chairs On The Grass On A Wedding Setting

What You Need to Know About Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

 To write or not to write? That is the question. Interestingly, although public speaking is often cited as the biggest fear among all adults - experts say between 74 percent and 90 percent suffer from fear of speaking in public…

Assigned Seating For Bride And Groom

Assigned Seating or Not

  The biggest benefit to assigned seating comes if you are having food service. It is much easier to deliver the food to the table when you know who is sitting where and have a seating chart to back this…

Pouring Champagne Into Glasses

Tips for an Off-site Reception

Planning a wedding is complicated, and the reception usually even more so. Many feel that holding the wedding and reception in the same location can ease some of the stress. However, there are some times that this is simply not…