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Tips for Making Your Reception Child-Friendly

Candy table

While some couples are choosing a kid-free reception, plenty of others still see weddings as a family affair. Even if you decide you want to invite the little tykes in your family to take part in the wedding festivities, you want to make sure you offer a few amenities to keep the small family members entertained at the party. The following tips will help you make the event as fun as possible for everyone.

Favors for the Kids

Wedding favors are one of the attractive features for many who attend weddings. While candy can be a great option for all of your guests, you can go the extra mile to create something special just for the kids in attendance. This is especially important if your favors aren’t child-friendly. Candy or small boxes of cookies are always an excellent choice. You may even be able to find small games or toys to distribute to the kids. Coloring books and crayons are another great and affordable option.

Kid-Friendly Foods

Some parents are lucky enough to have children who will eat just about anything. However, many parents aren’t that lucky. Accommodating the picky tastes of the kids in the family will surely meet parental approval across the board. Consider adding macaroni and cheese, simple buttered noodles, fries and chicken nuggets to your menu. These simple foods will keep just about any child happy.

Keep It Fun

There may be kids who will enjoy dancing the night away with the grown-ups, but many will grow tired long before the adults are ready to stop. Set up a TV and DVD player in a corner of the room to keep kids entertained. Coloring books and crafts can be another great choice to keep things fun all night long. Talk to your DJ about any child-friendly games or activities they may be able to play as well.

When you follow these tips, you can have a great reception with guests of all ages.