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Reminder: It’s NEVER Too Early To Book Your Wedding Venues!

Infographic about brides and their wedding planning

Every year, June is the most popular month for weddings, so as June 2016 approaches, it’s almost time to start booking venues for June 2017. Here’s a friendly reminder from wedding organizers everywhere: it’s never too early to book event venues for weddings and wedding receptions.

Okay, if you’re putting down deposits before the question has been popped, then you may be jumping the gun just a little bit. If your fiance still hasn’t popped the question, then some things are best left to passive-aggressive posts on your Pinterest page. But if you are engaged, then procrastinating on the best event venues for wedding receptions will leave you postponing the happiest day of your life.

Most wedding experts and banquet halls in Miami recommend booking your wedding reception venue as soon as you’ve set a date, and as a good rule of thumb, you should have your venues booked nine months to one year ahead of time. That might seem like overkill, and perhaps it is, but if you’re trying to get married in one of the most beautiful wedding places, that’s the way the wedding world works. Some of the best destination wedding places even have two-year waiting lists!

Bridal surveys consistently show that 30% of brides spend seven to 12 months planning their wedding and wedding receptions, and the best Miami wedding venues are often booked far in advance. Of course, you can always cross your fingers and hope there’s a last-minute cancellation, but according to superstition, some opportunities are best left alone.

You might think the best Miami wedding halls are the hardest to book, but often, it’s the cheap wedding reception halls and event venues that are in highest demand. Weddings can cost a small fortune and cheap wedding venues that still offer a beautiful environment and all-inclusive event packages are extremely popular. So whether you’re looking for cheap halls for rent or the most classy banquet halls in Miami, you’ll want to act fast to secure your date.

What can you do if you need to plan a wedding in a hurry? You aren’t totally out of luck, although you may not always be able to book your first choice. If you want to enjoy the best wedding event venues Miami has to offer, then simply consider choosing a fall or winter date for the big day. Today, 15% of all weddings occur in June, but winter weddings are becoming increasingly popular because they’re easier for couples to lock down.

The same goes for the time of day as well. About 53% of weddings occur in the afternoon and another 31% take place in the evening, but just 16% of couples say “I Do” in the morning hours.

No matter which wedding venues you choose, the most important thing will always be that you’re surrounded by your friends, family, and the partner you’re going to share your life with. The rest, as they say, is details.

Just remember that you’ll be better off scheduling those details nine to 12 months in advance.