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3 Ideas For Places to Have Your Wedding: Save Money Without Giving Up Your Special Day

infographic: Brides look for wedding venues that fit their personality


When it comes to your wedding, there are a lot of choices to be made. What to wear, what to eat, when the ceremony should be, color schemes, seating charts — it can get overwhelming, not to mention pricey! If you are ready to tie the knot but don’t have the biggest budget, consider cutting down overall on costs. For instance, making table decorations and party favors by hand can take care of some expenses while hiring a local caterer instead of a high profile one can do the same in the food department.

But the biggest cost of a wedding is often renting a venue. So it follows that choosing a less expensive option is often the best way to seriously save money — if you’re like 40% of brides, you are looking for an unusual venue to better reflect your personality anyway, and the quirky locales of cheap wedding venues will make for even better stories and photographs!

Nearly half of all couples tend to research reception venues online, but a search like that might yield only typical party venues. It’s time to think outside the box! Here are three examples of great, low-cost venues to check out for your wedding:

Libraries: Are you and your fiancee literary romantics? If so, a library might be the ideal setting for your wedding. They are certainly more beautiful than traditional wedding halls and often are architecturally gorgeous.

Farms: Did you know that a full 35% of weddings are now outdoor occasions? And for good reason, considering that June is the most popular month to get married. Cheap wedding venues are not synonymous with tackiness and kitsch. By renting out a farm property for the day, your wedding can have all the country charm and rustic chic as you want, was well as offer the most beautiful picture opportunities.

Your Own Backyard: The best venue might be your own backyard or maybe the backyard of a relative. Setting up a tent in a green outdoor space can often be the most personal, comfortable, and touching setting for a wedding. And of course, it saves so much money that you can afford to splurge on catering, decorations, and bands.

No matter what, your special day will be so amazing! Finding ways to have minimal, low-cost wedding plans will only enhance your memories of it as a very important and special event. Cheap wedding venues won’t take away from their beauty or the happiness you and your guests will bring to it.