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Hashtag your wedding!

Bride looking at her phone smiling

Instagram and Twitter let you share your wedding with far-flung friends and loved ones, and they’re also fun for guests who want to send you well wishes in a unique, if public, way. All you have to do is hashtag your wedding! But like any aspect of your wedding, sharing your big event on social media takes some planning. Here are five quick steps to help you successfully incorporate social media into your event.  

1. Take some time to craft your hashtag –  Yes, your names are fine, but if they’re common or you want something more unique, now is the time to decide. You might make it more unique by adding the date of your event or the location.

2. Make it readable –  Check it for spelling errors and capitalize the first letter of each word or name to make it easier for guests to use.

3. Make sure it’s not in use –  Check your hashtag to see if another wedding has already used it or to see if it’s associated with pictures you may not want linked with your wedding.

4. Practice makes perfect and increases viewership –  You don’t have to wait until your wedding day to use your hashtag. You can use it to post pictures from the shower, rehearsal dinner or other events leading up to the wedding.

5. Get the word out –  Once you select your hashtag, make sure everyone knows about it. Put it on your save-the-date cards, and use signs at your reception – by the guest book or photo booth, if you’re having one, and on individual tables – to serve as reminders.

Most importantly, have fun with it. Make your hashtag memorable, but don’t waste time or energy becoming obsessed with finding the perfect one.