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The Etiquette of an Adults Only Wedding

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While some couples thoroughly enjoy the experience of being surrounded by all of their family and friends on their wedding day, including any little ones, others prefer to have an Adults Only Wedding where couples can relax and the noise level is lower. If your ideal wedding only includes the over 21 set, consider these tips to ensure you don’t offend any of your potential guests, especially those who may need to make a tough decision regarding their attendance. Adults Only Wedding

Address Them Properly

One of the most difficult elements is making sure everyone is aware of your wishes. It may seem like a good idea to print “adults-only” on the invitations, but this isn’t advised. It’s the fastest way to offend some of your guests. Instead, make sure you only list the names of the individuals invited. Don’t leave anything up to interpretation.


Children Can Still Be in the Wedding Party

Some couples feel if they are having an adults-only reception, they can’t choose a flower girl and ring bearer. This isn’t true. Presumably these children will belong to individuals to whom you are quite close. They should understand their children are more than welcome at the ceremony but will need child care for the reception. You may even supply a babysitter for anyone who can’t make other arrangements, such as out-of-town guests.


Don’t Make Exceptions

Despite not listing children on the invitations, you may still encounter couples who ask about bringing their children. The best thing you can do is make it a strict rule. If you make exceptions for some people, you will find many other guests who struggled to find accommodations for their children are resentful.


Handling Hurt Feelings

Even if you take the right steps, you may still find some people are hurt by your request. Claiming budget constraints is one of the easiest ways to alleviate these feelings and help patch things up, while allowing you to remain firm. An adults-only reception is a perfectly reasonable option for couples who would like a more laid-back evening. Follow these tips and you can reduce the snags you encounter along the way.