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Business woman speaking in a conference

Top Tips for Successful Fundraising Events

For some businesses and organizations, fundraising is an important stream of revenue. It could even be the only stream of revenue. Without the right attention to detail, what should be a strong fundraising event can fall flat. Before you host…

Business people joking around

5 Tips for Planning Your Next Corporate Event

At the heart of every successful corporate event is a venue designed to support the unique needs of your company and your guests. Choosing a venue isn’t always easy, even in areas as popular as Miami. When it’s time to…

Corporate party event

Entertainment Options for Your Corporate Event

Hosting a company-wide outreach program, seminar, class or other corporate event is a big deal. Even if you have decided to rent a corporate event venue in Miami, rather than trying to squeeze everyone into space around your office, you…

Corporate event with people eating and drinking

Make Your Next Corporate Event as Relaxing as Possible

A corporate event provide an ideal opportunity to market your company or organization. To ensure your audience is as receptive as possible to your event program, it's critical to select a location that allows your audience members to relax. A…