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6 Tips to Make Your Corporate Holiday Party Fun and Budget-Friendly

Corporate holiday party fun

September is here, and that means corporate holiday parties can’t be far behind. If you’re hosting a  holiday party, the best time to begin planning is now. Here are some tips to help you plan for a party that’s on budget but still lots of fun:

* Incorporate an awards presentation: Handing out employee awards during a holiday party is a great way to celebrate your employees and show your appreciation for their efforts, and it also helps foster an overall feeling of morale-boosting optimism.

* Eliminate the open bar: Instead, offer craft beer and local wines to show your support of the local community and to decrease alcohol-related mishaps that are more likely to occur with stronger alcoholic beverages.

* Serve in-season produce: It’s healthier, and it’s also often less costly. The Renaissance catering staff can help you make smart choices for salads and other locally sourced dishes.

* Use lighting as the primary element for decorations: Dramatic lighting combined with a few tasteful arrangements or decorations keeps costs low without sacrificing atmosphere. Our events planning staff can work with you to create decorations that are tasteful and festive without undermining your budget.

* Choose a buffet rather than a sit-down dinner: Buffets can be less costly, and you can offer less expensive options that are still delicious and satisfying.

* Select your venue carefully: Corporate events like holiday parties are a lot different from weddings and “sweet sixteen” parties. Working with a venue that understands those differences can mean the difference between a successful event and a not-so-successful one.

At the Renaissance, we’re recognized as a leading special events venue in the Miami area. Our events-planning specialists are ready to work with you to create a memorable holiday party that’s well within your budget. The holidays are just around the corner; call us today to book your event.