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What Are The Perks Of A Fall Wedding?

Autumn leafs

Pictures of pumpkin-spiced lattes, scarves, and apple-picking are taking over Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Fall is here, and all of the pictures make it clear — people are really excited about it. Brides and grooms-to-be don’t have to be an exception to that rule. In fact, autumn may be one of the best seasons to exchanged vows and celebrate with friends and family. Here’s why:

Fall Flavors Are To Die For
Salted caramel… those two words pretty much say it all. Spice up wedding receptions with fall-themed food and drink selections. There are all kinds of things you can do. Consider setting up a chili mini-bar prior to the main course, for example. Serve pumpkin rolls, cinnamon pumpkin rolls (yes, they exist and they’re delicious!), apple cinnamon cupcakes, or even mini pies for dessert. Keep the fall flavor profile going — even when it comes to drinks. Whip up pomegranate and cranberry-flavored cocktails with orange rinds for the bar. Hot chocolate and apple cider, on the other hand, are great non-alcoholic options.

You Don’t Have To Fight It (Use Those Fall Colors!)
Outdoor wedding venues are still a popular choice for fall weddings. (Year-round, 15% of U.S. couples host weddings outside.) It can be difficult to settle on a color palette, and it can be especially difficult to choose one that stands out. Purple, for example, is one of the most widely used colors, with one in five brides working it into ceremonies and wedding receptions. Fall makes it simple. Whether you choose a banquet hall or one of the more unique wedding places, fall promises striking colors — colors like red, orange, yellow, gold, and bronze.

Wedding Favors Are A No-Brainer
A quarter of brides choose themed wedding receptions, and you can, too! Keep everything fall-oriented by selecting favors that evoke the season. For example, decorate small mason jars with ribbon and fill them with jam or honey.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make your fall wedding something special — and give your fall-addicted friends even more to post about.