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Three Tips For Planning Corporate Events with title of the article

Three Tips For Planning Miami Corporate Events

Whether you're launching a new company or celebrating a milestone, a great party is always an excellent way to celebrate and spur further progress. Unfortunately, creating these great corporate events almost always requires a significant amount of planning to create…

assigned seating for bride and groom

Assigned Seating or Not

  The biggest benefit to assigned seating comes if you are having food service. It is much easier to deliver the food to the table when you know who is sitting where and have a seating chart to back this…

Beach and Miami buildings

Miami Outings: Make Your Fall Meeting Special

All work and no play makes any meeting a dull event, and today's meeting attendees are looking for much more than presentations and speeches. They want a destination that offers them a memorable experience as well. Adding optional, planned outings…

Autumn leafs

What Are The Perks Of A Fall Wedding?

Pictures of pumpkin-spiced lattes, scarves, and apple-picking are taking over Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Fall is here, and all of the pictures make it clear -- people are really excited about it. Brides and grooms-to-be don't have to be an exception to…

Conference, presentation in auditorium

Tips for Finding the Right Venue for a Corporate Event

Corporate event planning requires attention to detail and dedication to making the best choices for a successful event. Planning in Miami gives you access to a number of venues that fit all budgets and include a variety of features so…

Conference, presentation in auditorium

Social Media the “Next Big Thing” for Corporate Events

  During the past economic slump, finding the funds to afford annual meetings and other corporate events challenged most businesses facing tighter budgets. Now that the economy is recovering, there’s a new challenge: how to incorporate social media in a…