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Social Media the “Next Big Thing” for Corporate Events

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During the past economic slump, finding the funds to afford annual meetings and other corporate events challenged most businesses facing tighter budgets. Now that the economy is recovering, there’s a new challenge: how to incorporate social media in a way that improves both engagement and quality.

According to The American Express Meetings & Events 2014 Global Meetings Forecast, social media sharing via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social platforms is growing, and both attendees and those who follow the meetings from afar expect to be able to get continual updates as the events progress.

According to Vice President and General Manager of American Express Meetings & Events Issa Jouaneh, making sure your event is plugged into the Web is an important feature in 2014 and moving forward.

“Meeting organizers are looking to utilize social media tools to create higher quality and more engaging programs that better meet the needs of attendees,” he said. “The future will be truly exciting for the industry as we redefine the meetings investment and experience management through the incorporation of digital meetings solutions.”

An increased interest in digital engagement means you need to select a meeting site that’s fully integrated and able to provide all the media options you need, from on-site technology like projection and audio equipment to robust Internet connectivity to ensure easy and continual access to the Web.

Thanks to its dedication to state-of-the-art technology, the Renaissance has become known as the best venue for corporate events in south Florida. Renaissance event planners are skilled in creating meeting environments that are both comfortable and functional, so event leaders and attendees can focus on the presentation materials without worrying about their surroundings or their ability to stay connected. Depending on your company’s needs, the Renaissance can tailor the facilities you need to serve even the most technologically demanding and complex presentations so your company can stay at the forefront of meetings and events planning.