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Can Booking a Ballroom Transform Your Wedding?

An estimated total of 48% of engaged couples choose to research their wedding reception venue options online, according to the Bridal Association of America. If you’re newly engaged, this might be your current situation. While researching weddings, you might see the opportunity for a ballroom wedding venue, and you might be asking yourself if this type of venue is the right option for you. We are here to tell you it is! Ballroom venues typically have in-house catering services, staff members on-site, photography services, on-site boutiques, and entertainment options. Here’s how booking a ballroom can truly transform your wedding.

In-House Catering Services

With the hustle and bustle of a wedding day, it can be convenient to have in-house catering services at your reception location. With this perk, you will not stress about scheduling and the transportation of the food to your wedding. Additionally, you may get the opportunity to choose from countless food options at the ballroom prepared by professionals.

Staff Members on Site

Ballroom venue locations typically have staff members who are experts in the wedding field who understand how to make your dream day come to life. In the months and weeks before the wedding, you can have your questions answered quickly by these staff members. Additionally, having these staff members on location during the celebration can ensure you always have a helping hand when something unexpected occurs.

Photography Services

A ballroom wedding venue will have the opportunity for various photography services to capture the precious moments of the big day. While original photography is the most common, many advanced wedding ballrooms will also offer videography services and photo booths to couples.

On-Site Boutiques

The on-site boutiques commonly found at ballroom venues will give you various opportunities to purchase party favors, wedding party accessories, invitations, and more. Acting like a one-stop shop, on-site boutiques can eliminate the stressors of various wedding tasks by having the items available to purchase in one location.

Entertainment Options

The entertainment a couple chooses for their reception will set the tone for the celebration. In light of this, book your reception at a location that offers various entertainment options. Typically, ballrooms give couples different entertainment options to create the perfect ambiance for their wedding day. Examples of these entertainment options include DJ services, bands, performers, and trios.

If these various perks interest you, consider booking a ballroom wedding venue today! Contact Renaissance Miami to learn more about how we can help you plan your perfect wedding.