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4 reasons why getting married in Miami is such a good idea

Miami wedding venues

If your dream wedding includes the sun, the beach, and lots of cool places perhaps Miami is where you should get married! South Florida has some of the most beautiful beaches, with white sands, turquoise blue water, and swaying palm trees so you should definitely start looking for Miami wedding venues. But that’s not all! Here are some amazing reasons to get married in Miami,

1) The fantastic art scene

If you love art, you will definitely fall in love with the Wynwood art district. Here you and your guests can enjoy from countless beautiful art murals, galleries, and art pieces created by some world-renowned artists. You can also enjoy delicious food and walk around the are to take pictures and enjoy a warm day. Either if you are local or planning a destination wedding it is important to take some days to enjoy and explore new areas.

2) Quick and easy to travel to

Miami has one of the most important airports in the world, therefore traveling there is quick and easy for many US domestic and international places like the Caribbean, London, South America, etc. This will make it accessible for family members and friends to attend your wedding. Also, depending on where you are traveling from, another option can be to just drive to Miami.

3) The delicious food

The culinary scenes of Miami have a strong Caribbean and South American influence, thus making it a foodie dream. There are a multitude of colorful and energetic restaurants that will leave you wanting more. You can discover some fine restaurant in the Coral Gables area as well as around Downtown Miami. Whatever your pallet desires, you will find. Which is another good reason to have your wedding in Miami.

4) Glamorous and moderate hotels

Your guests will need a place to stay and Miami has it all. From luxurious hotels near the coastline to moderate and cozy accommodations around the neighborhood. There are thousands of options to choose from! It all depends on the location of your wedding and what sort of wedding experience you want to provide.

To sum it up, you really can’t beat a wedding in the beautiful Miami. If you have decided this is the place or want to check out the city before, make sure to visit us at Renaissance. Our fully renovated venues are made especially to help you have the wedding of your dreams. Contact us and setup an appointment with one of our event specialists today.