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Your Ultimate Guide for Planning the Best Fall Wedding

According to The Knot, the average percentage of wedding guests who attend typically falls between 70% and 85% of invites. Therefore, if you’re planning a fall wedding, be prepared for everything. With the warm tones of autumn making for a truly memorable wedding color palette, we invite you to find your dream venue with us. Now is the perfect time to start planning your fall wedding, so consider the tips below!

Choose the Venue

Your dream wedding venue is an opportunity to express yourself. Though many weddings are still traditional church weddings, many more are not. Many couples are choosing to officiate their wedding in the same hall as the reception will be in. As a modern choice for weddings, it can make your fall wedding feel truly special.

Determine Catering

Your catering experience should be everything you have dreamed of. Our catering fulfills every wish for couples in South Florida. Whether you use our facilities or call us to serve at your dream hotel, church reception, or even a roller rink, you can trust us to be the perfect companion to your day. Our event cooking is famous throughout the region, and we will plan and execute the event of your dreams at your fall dream wedding venue.

Consider Fall Colors for Exciting Photos

The fall is such an exciting time for a wedding because of the brilliant displays of colors associated with the season. Fall wedding pictures with plenty of oranges, yellows, and reds, and a few greens and browns, mixed into the frame will make your event memorable and gorgeous!

Reserve Now!

Because fall is a very popular time to get married, the best time to begin reserving your services and venues is now. The sooner you pick your venue, catering, music, and other services, the greater selection you’ll have. Make sure you’re getting the best experience possible for your wedding day. Don’t wait until summer!

Your wedding day memories should be unforgettable, and the tips above ensure you plan the wedding you’ve always been dreaming about. Plus, our catering, venue, and full-service wedding options will make the planning process easier for you and your family. Call today to schedule a no-obligation consultation to start planning the wedding of your dreams!