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Building a Playlist for Your Reception: Tips from the Experts

One of the most important, and most memorable, parts of your wedding reception is the music that you play. From the first dance to the last, these songs will be forever associated with your big day. Because this is such an important decision, you do not want to leave these musical decisions to chance, do you? Here are five tips for building a playlist perfect for your wedding.  


Consider a Theme –  While this may or may not work for you, sometimes a theme can make creating a playlist much simpler. A theme gives you a starting point and makes the process easier.

Think About Everyone – While you do not want to play every song for grandma, perhaps you can forgo certain songs she might find offensive. It’s all about making everyone feel comfortable.

Include Important Songs – Make sure you include important songs to you and your significant other. You want to play “your song” or songs that make you think of one another. This is vital to convey the mood of love.

Add Dance Favorites – If you want to get your friends and family moving, include some hits that get everyone out on the dance floor. While these may not always be your favorite, sometimes it’s worth it just for the fun factor.

Don’t Forget Today’s Hits – You want a few songs of today sprinkled in the mix too. Even if you are a fan of older music, having songs of today will put a time stamp on your wedding and help you remember the day well.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about when creating a wedding playlist. Try not to worry too much. Remember, the most important thing is that you choose music that pleases you and your significant other. As long as you are happy everyone should be happy.