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Wedding Banquet Hall

Three Signs You’ve Found a Great Wedding Banquet Hall

Not all wedding banquet halls are created equally. Some of them can be expensive. Others can be even more expensive. The problem is, not everyone can afford to spend tens of of thousands of dollars on a wedding reception. If…

Bride and groom holding hands

Three Reasons to Get Married in Miami

Some people choose to get married at places significant to their past-perhaps at a Church they once attended whilst children, or maybe even at the amusement park where they met-but nowadays many folks are unfettered to traditions. If you're one…

Bride and groom getting married holding hands

Work with the Best Wedding Planning Guide Available

Planning a wedding? If you've done any research at all into what goes into making your special day perfect, you know that the process is a daunting one. Not many people are organized enough to remember all the details on…

Business people joking around

5 Tips for Planning Your Next Corporate Event

At the heart of every successful corporate event is a venue designed to support the unique needs of your company and your guests. Choosing a venue isn’t always easy, even in areas as popular as Miami. When it’s time to…

woman holding her bag with her two hands

5 top wedding themes for 2014

Looking for the ideal theme for your wedding but not sure which way to go? To give you some inspiration, here’s a quick rundown of the top five themes wedding designers believe will be most popular in 2014: Wedding Themes…

Corporate party event

Entertainment Options for Your Corporate Event

Hosting a company-wide outreach program, seminar, class or other corporate event is a big deal. Even if you have decided to rent a corporate event venue in Miami, rather than trying to squeeze everyone into space around your office, you…