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Two Ways To Make Your Wedding Truly Unique

infographic on when the average woman says "I do"

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Seventy percent of U.S. men and women believe a new bride should take her husband’s last name. Purple is an ever-popular wedding color, monopolizing one-fifth of all weddings. And the average woman will say I do (for the first time, at least) at age 25. Don’t feel tied down by these numbers. Tradition is nice, but a growing number of brides- and grooms-to-be are breaking away from it, and making their big day truly their own. Throw a wedding to remember — and do it with these new and unique decorating ideas.

Go For An All-White Cake… Really
An all-white, tiered wedding cake costs less, and it can look spectacular, too. How can you possibly make a unadorned white cake the star of your wedding? …with “projected moving images!” Bridal Guide advises. Disney originally came up with the idea, and, in one of many demonstrations, you can “watch Tinker Bell sprinkle pixie dust across all of the tiers, and Cinderella arrive at the ball in her horse-drawn carriage,” Bridal Guide continues. The trend is not just for Disney enthusiasts; wedding cakes can come to life with all kinds of moving images.

Go (A Little) Nuts With The Seating Chart
Whether you host your reception in a royal banquet hall, wedding ballrooms, or outdoor wedding venues, you can easily cut costs and maximize space by getting a little creative with the seating chart. Bridal Guide recommends arranging tables in an X, instead of opting for standard round or rectangular tables. This allows you to seat more people in one area, and it enables you to use just one centerpiece (instead of two or four for the same amount of tables).

It’s your wedding day. Do something different. Break out of the mold. Transform the cake cutting ceremony into a dazzling light show, or save costs and make compelling use of space with tables (whether they are in a tent or a banquet hall) in an X formation.