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Work The Latest Trends Into Your 2015 Wedding Plans

infographic: U.S. couples pay $72 billion to celebrate their wedding

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As a whole, U.S. couples pay upwards of $72 billion to celebrate their wedding day. Forty percent will arrange the ceremony and following reception together, and 25% will go with a specific theme. Unfortunately, these numbers aren’t telling enough, especially for soon-to-be married couples who don’t even know where to start. And that’s where trends come in. The Huffington Post recently released 15 wedding trend predictions for 2015. Here are some of the highlights:

Glitz And Glam

The best event venues present all kinds of possibilities. Wedding reception places, like banquet halls, may seem plain, but starting with a relatively clean slate allows brides and grooms to specifically tailor colors and decorations and make the day truly their own. Of course, in order to plan for and order necessary decorations, couples need a color scheme or palette. The Jan. 22 Huffington Post article suggests that we’ll be seeing a lot of glitter in the next few months. Brides will stick to neutral color palettes (think champagne, pale pink, and other soft hues), the article continues, and use glitter and copper accessories and decorations to liven things up.

A Twist On Traditional Catering

There is some good news. Experts predict that many will not factor formal, sit-down meals into their wedding plans. Instead, brides and grooms-to-be are hosting cocktail receptions, or serving beer, wine, and spirits as well as hors-d’oeuvres and other food items all night long. Some are even going one step further to break from tradition and renting a food truck (or two or three food trucks) for the affair.

Weddings Become A More Intimate Affair

A surprising number of Americans are saying their goodbyes to age-old wedding traditions. While formal sit-down dinners are no longer necessary, some are even opting out of a ceremony. Instead, couples choose to have a reception or party only, or they keep the ceremony to the point and very short.

What is in the stars for 2015? Glam up banquet halls and simple wedding venues with glittering centerpieces and copper accents, keep wining and dining lighthearted and fun, and don’t drag out the ceremony.