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All About Destination Weddings

miami destination wedding

Today, most couples choose to have their weddings in one venue where they will have both the ceremony and the reception. This is usually a way of cutting costs during planning. Whether they are expensive or not, an average of 2.4 million weddings are performed every year in the United States.

But if you and your beloved want a truly unique ceremony and reception, then destination weddings are a wonderful option. Not only will this allow you and your future spouse to experience beautiful scenery, it will provide a truly one-of-a-kind experience for your wedding guests. And Miami destination weddings are some of the most beautiful in the world.

Planning a destination wedding can be difficult at times. However, most resorts and wedding venues offer wedding packages that include an onsite wedding planner or coordinator to assist the couple to have their dream wedding. When you choose a destination wedding, the event really is all about the romantic fantasy of a lifetime.

A destination wedding also requires a lot of personal preparation. From making sure all of your wedding favors and clothing arrive on time and unharmed to ensuring all of your guests know exactly where to go, it might be exhausting. Fortunately, keeping all of the festivities in one venue can be a huge help in this regard. It takes a little bit of organizational planning out of the picture.

Furthermore, you should factor in the time it will take to receive a marriage license in your destination. It is always advisable to work with someone local to your destination of choice to handle all the necessary paperwork for you. Some couples find it less of hassle to have their wedding at a courthouse and then have the ceremony at their destination. This is because some places require you to be citizens or residents to get married.

Some common destination wedding places include Mexico, Bermuda and other Caribbean islands, Miami, among others. A destination wedding can happen wherever you want, but as Miami natives, we’re partial to our lush tropical plant life and pristine beaches.

A wedding away from home is not for everyone, but it offers a truly special experience you won’t find anywhere else. It all comes down to how and where you imagined your dream wedding happening and making it happen.