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5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Banquet Hall For Your Wedding

There are a lot of optional aspects that come with planning a wedding. You can forego the cake, ditch the flowers and wear a suit instead of a dress, but you can never ditch the venue. You have got to have somewhere for your guests to gather and celebrate with you. As a company that has been in the wedding business for 40 years, here are our tips on choosing the perfect banquet hall for your special day.

  1. The number of guests you are expecting: When looking at a banquet hall Miami, have the number of guests you want to include in your big day in mind. In 2014, the average couple invited around 136 guests to their wedding, but this does not have to be your limit. If you have 500 guests you would like to have that day; the banquet hall should accommodate them all. If your wedding is not an invite-only event, remember your friends and family could bring a plus one if you give them freedom. Leave room for a few extra people just in case. 
    A room may look enormous when it is empty, but wedding essentials will fill it up. Your guests will need some movement room and you need to have enough space for your first dance, a Dj set up or the band, the buffet, and bar if you plan to brew. You can either see the venue when another wedding of the same size is taking place or work with a venue provider who has been in business for many years. They will give you the exact fit.
  2. Check the wedding halls availability: By the time you are looking at banquet hall options, you have a wedding date set. Discuss with the banquet hall rental the availability of the hall on your preferred date. Remember, most of the best locations book up fast, so don’t wait too long before you book the hall. If you spot a beautiful ballroom available on your desired date, make haste and put up a deposit, so you don’t miss out on it.
  3. Check if the banquet hall aligns with your vision: What kind of wedding do you have in mind? Are you thinking something modern or something a little historic? Your vision for the wedding plays a huge role in choosing the perfect event banquet hall. Together with your planner, determine if you will pull off the concept in the halls you check out, and what it will take to harmonize every element. The advantage of a banquet hall is it can be turned into almost anything you wish, but your vision must fit none the less.
  4. Consider privacy: How private you want the hall to be will depend on the venue and your preference. It is common for banquet halls to host more than one event at a time. If there will be other events happening simultaneously with your big day, you need to make sure that your guests and those from the other event will be comfortable. If it bothers, book the hall when there isn’t another event running. 
    It is best to visit the venue when they are hosting a dual-party and check out how sound carries and whether there are major concerns you should be worried about. Most companies that have been in business for years have the experience to host dual-parties and will have things sorted out.
  5. How the lighting looks: Lighting is essential in setting the mood for your wedding. If your hosting during the day, make sure your ballroom has enough windows to bring in natural light. An evening affair should have a well-lit room, so make sure the hall is not too dim. You may be planning on adding a few extra lights of your own in which case the lighting in the hall will not only accentuate what you have in mind.

Choosing the right venue is an important part of making your day a success. A hall with an exceptional view your guests can enjoy will be a plus. Follow the tips outlined above and stay true to yourselves and your vision.