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5 Wedding Photo Ideas Every Couple Will Want To Try

infographic: 35% of weddings take place outdoors

Your wedding photos will freeze your special day in time, allowing you and your partner to cherish the memories for years to come. By including quality photography in your wedding plans, you will ensure that these photos are as beautiful as possible. Your photographer will likely have wedding packages, dictating the amount of photos you will receive for the price. Beyond that, the possibilities are endless. Try these creative photo ideas to capture photos as unique as your love.

  • Action Shots: Remember that not every shot needs to be posed. Have some fun by asking your photographer to capture you and your partner on the move. Walk down the street, swing on a swing set, or dance around.
  • Silly Snaps: Your partner makes you laugh like no one else, so capture this in the photo. Don’t be afraid to be silly in front of the camera. After all, candid laughter shots are classic. For extra goofy couple, try using hats, hand-written signs, or other props to create a funny shot.
  • Dreamy Nature: 35% of weddings are now taking place outdoors, so consider adding natural elements into photos of you and your partner. During wedding receptions near an outdoor space, sneak outside during the early evening to capture whimsical and romantic golden hour photos. Walk in the woods, stroll through a field, or stand in a garden. The natural calm will create the dreamiest photos.
  • Breezy Beaches: Have access to water? Take advantage of the beach for your wedding photos. If you are looking into wedding halls far away from the ocean or lake, consider taking a special trip with your photographer to capture beachy images. Opt for the evening or early morning to avoid harsh lighting and create a soft and comforting look.
  • Urban Settings: Getting married in a city? Head outside with your photographer to shoot photos around interesting architecture. Cities have the most interesting hidden places. Set out to find these romantic nooks.

Be sure to collaborate with your photographer about your wedding photos. While they are the professional and know what to look for in a photo, they will surely take your ideas into considerations. No matter their photography wedding packages, you will surely receive gorgeous memories to cherish forever.