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4 Reasons Why a Fall Wedding Is the Best!

Outdoor wedding by a casibo

As spring turns to summer, you’ll likely find your planner filled with multiple weddings that you need to attend or at least send a gift. If you think a wedding may be in your future, you could find yourself thinking that summer is the only viable time to make it happen. In reality, a spring, fall wedding might be a suitable choice for your particular situation. Before you send out save-the-date cards for next June, think about the benefits of an autumn event.

  • Easier to Book a Venue – The top venues often become booked years in advance for the “premier” summer dates. Securing a fall date can often be much easier.
  • Temperatures are More Pleasant in Fall – A peak-of-summer wedding can mean a sweaty bride and highly uncomfortable guests. Even though autumn can be chilly in some places, it is usually easier to warm up an environment than cool it down.
  • Different Flower Options – If you are a fan of unique styles and looks, you may be wowed by the in-season flowers of fall. However, you’re not limited—most flowers are available off-season for a cost.
  • You’ll Probably Have Better Attendance – Not only will a fall wedding keep you from competing with all the other folks who will be getting married in June, but you will also have fewer issues with a potential best man having a cruise or Disney trip planned in October.

While there is no one perfect date to have a wedding, there are many reasons why you should think outside the box and consider a fall date. Make sure you think carefully and consider any personal reasons for choosing one day over another as well. In doing this, you’ll be able to pick the perfect date for the day you will never forget.