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5 Steps to Choosing a Wedding Caterer

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If you’re one of the approximately 2.4 million couples planning their weddings for the next year, you may be wondering what to consider while searching for a catering company. Here are a few tips on what to look for when you are choosing the caterer for your big day.

1. Check With Your Venue

If you are considering your caterer, you probably already have looked at some wedding reception venues and picked one out. Some wedding reception venues may have their own catering service in house, and if they don’t, they may have a list of the best caterers in your area. Using an in-house catering service or a caterer that the venue has already worked with will make your special day go even more smoothly.

2. Ask Your Favorite Restaurant

If you and your spouse-to-be already have a favorite restaurant in the area you’ll be getting married, you can check with the restaurant to see if they cater for weddings. Make sure to tell them the expected number of guests and the type of service that you are interested in for the day of your wedding.

3. Narrow Down Your Options

Once you have compiled a list of potential wedding caterers, begin to narrow down your options to a few top contenders. After this step, you will be contacting potential caterers, and you want to make sure that you are truly interested in any caterer that you contact so you do not waste your time.

4. Ask Potential Caterers Questions

Once you have narrowed down your list to a handful of caterers that you’re interested in, make sure that they are available on the day of your wedding. After confirming their potential availability, talk about other important details of your big day, from how many guests you’ll have to the type of food spread you want. Make sure that you ask enough questions to understand how the catering company will function on your wedding day.

5. Choose Your Caterer

After you’ve had a chance to speak with potential caterers, pick your favorite one and book them for your wedding day. Make sure not to wait too long in between speaking with any caterer and confirming that you want to work with them to ensure that your wedding date is still available.

Make sure to choose a caterer that you feel comfortable with, and of course, one that makes delicious food for you to eat on your wedding day. After sorting through wedding reception venues and choosing the perfect caterer for your special day, you will have some of the biggest steps before getting to the altar out of the way!