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4 Tips to Create the Perfect Holiday Wedding

The most popular month to get married is June, which accounts for 15% of all weddings. While summertime weddings are a popular classic, some couples prefer the romance and magic of a holiday wedding. Abandoning summery bouquets and long hours of sunshine, more and more couples are choosing to tie the knot during November, December, and January.

Choosing to get married during the holidays certainly has perks. As a less popular time of year to get married, many party venues and vendors offer discounted prices. Additionally, a wedding with a wintery theme might be even more emotional, as guests and loved ones reflect on the nostalgia of holidays past.

If you’re planning a holiday wedding, you want your occasion to be unique, heartfelt, and original. Try using the following tips to plan your very own holiday dream wedding:

Get Cheery, Not Cheesy

Winter holidays lend themselves to beautiful and time-honored traditions and styles. A wedding venue filled with Christmas trees, Hanukkah candles, or other symbols can create a stunning glow and festive atmosphere. However, be wary of taking holiday themes over the top. Just because your wedding happens near Christmas doesn’t mean you need to have reindeer on your invitations or Santa snow globes as party favors. Try sticking to one or two holiday elements to avoid cheesiness.

Have Fun with Winter Colors

Sometimes, couples planning a winter wedding choose red and green or silver and blue by default. Set your style free, and don’t limit your wedding colors just because you’re getting hitched in December! Nearly any color that works in the summer can work in the winter as well, with subtle variations. For a true dream wedding during the holidays, choose colors that speak to you.

Include Other Senses

At your wedding reception, infuse the excitement of the holiday throughout your guests’ five senses. For example, try using scented potpourri or pine boughs to create a lovely, wintery smell throughout the reception halls. You can even hint at the holidays through your guests’ taste buds with a holiday-themed cocktail.

Dress for the Occasion

Finally, feel free to bust out the holiday fashions for your winter dream wedding. Keep bridesmaids warm with gloves or fur elements, and invite your guests to wear festive attire. You can make a New Year’s wedding sparkle with sequins and glitter, and you can keep the gentlemen warm with velvety blazers or vests.

Weddings and the holidays both bring excitement and joy to families around the world. If you’re hoping to double the joy with holiday nuptials, be sure to keep it classy. Use these these smart planning tips to create the perfect festive wedding .