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4 Things to Consider When Choosing your Event Venue

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Organizing an event is a process that requires much decision-making. One of the biggest decisions is choosing the right venue for the event, after that come other important details such as date, number of guests, theme, etc. Here are some guidelines to consider when choosing a venue for an event, celebration, or wedding.


It’s important to consider a location that is not too far away from where the majority of attendees live. It will depend on the occasion and number of people, but it’s better to find a central location within a reasonable distance. If there will be people traveling from other places, it is good to provide a list of nearby hotels. To reduce chances of people being late a tip is to provide them with GPS maps or directions.


Another very important aspect to consider and that might be forgotten or left last is parking. Does the venue have a parking lot or valet parking? If not, are there parking lots nearby?


You’ll need to know the room capacity of the venue for matters of comfort and safety. Also, matters of food and beverage for catering and other small details go in hand with the capacity and number of people attending the event.


Other things to consider include does the venue have a kitchen? Does it provide tables, chairs, and linens? Does it provide setup or cleaning? Does it include audiovisual equipment? A catering crew or bartender? These things are important also when it comes to terms of logistics and budget.

Choosing a venue is a decision that will have a big impact on your event. It is best to choose a venue with years of experience and a great reputation. At Renaissance, we offer on-site services that include two freestanding facilities with six ballrooms for big or small events of up o 500 people, off-premise catering, furniture, entertainment options, indoor and outdoor chapel for on-site wedding ceremonies, etc. Our goal is to provide you with a complete service, so the only thing left for you to do is enjoy and have a great time.