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4 reasons to have an engagement party

engagement party

Getting engaged is a huge milestone in life that’s worth the celebration. After blasting the news to everyone, posting pictures all over your social media, crying a little bit, and calling every single friend and family, you might wonder, whether you should host an engagement party or not. The quick answer is yes! Here are some reasons to say yes to an engagement party!

1. Celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime milestone

An engagement party is a beautiful way to celebrate this important moment in your relationship. Oftentimes, engagements are overlooked in light of the big event – the wedding day. However, this is the decision and moment that marks the beginning of something special. And for that, your engagement should be celebrated and acknowledged!

2. The chance to bring everyone you love together

Weddings tend to speed by and give very little time for the bride and groom to closely interact with their loved ones. Therefore an engagement party is the perfect moment to share with those close to your heart in a more intimate way. If you are planning on having a big wedding, this is a good chance to bring both families and friends together. Perhaps not all of them have met so the engagement party is a great way to break the ice before the craziness of the wedding planning.

3. The perfect time to mention your groomsmen and bridesmaids

A great idea is to take this moment to announce your official bridesmaids and groomsmen! You will all be spending lots of time together planning for the wedding, so why not take this opportunity to make them feel close and comfortable around each other?

4. The chance to fill the waiting period until the wedding day

Throwing an engagement party or celebration is a fun way to help fill the time until the big day arrives. It is also a way to keep the excitement going and perhaps work as a preview of what the actual ceremony will be like. It gives not only the guests but also the soon-to-be husband and wife something to look forward to.

Having an engagement party can set the tone for the rest of the wedding shenanigans. Whether big or small, we have the perfect venues for you to host your celebration! Call us to schedule a tour or contact us for more information.