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Top Factors to Look for in an Event Space

Whether you’re looking forward to a holiday party or a baby shower, you need the right venue to make sure the event you’re hosting goes off without a hitch. According to, event spaces are the top-booked venues, followed by restaurants. Here are some factors to consider as you review your options.


All venues aren’t created equally, so you need to consider what amenities they have. Is there enough parking and restrooms for everyone? Do they have accessibility features to accommodate people with various mobility abilities? How about tech equipment? Is there reliable AV equipment or Wi-Fi for music or a presentation? Think about what your occasion and your guests will need.


Are you hosting a baby shower for all your friends and family? Do you need a large venue to accommodate all of your company staff for the upcoming Christmas party? Before you book an event space, call the location and give them a head count to see if they can comfortably accommodate you.


What is your budget? It’s a good idea to get quotes from three different venues. That way, you can ensure you find the right one that fits into your budget while providing the amenities you need. Bear in mind that some venues may be more expensive at certain points of the year, such as in the summer or during the holiday season.


Think about the mood you want to set for your event. Do you want an intimate setting for a romantic dance party? Do you want a very bright and bold space to host a baby shower? Touring venues to get a feel for their atmospheres is a smart move.


Don’t forget that you want a space that guests can easily get to. Think about where most people will be driving in from and try to find an ideal centralized location. You may also want to find a space near the individual you’re celebrating, which may be the case if you’re hosting an anniversary party or a bridal shower.

As you can see, there are several considerations to make before you book a venue. Make sure you’re clear about the cost, ambiance, features, and size of the space. After all, you want to ensure your guests are pleased with the occasion, especially if you have a guest of honor at a baby shower! If you’re in the Miami, FL area, contact Renaissance Miami today to learn more about how we can host your event.