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3 Memorable Baby Shower Games You Won’t Want to Skip

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For the mother-to-be, the baby shower is the best day of her pregnancy (well, besides the day of the birth, of course). It is her day to be spoiled and she surely deserves it. If you are the one in charge of planning this important occasion, you don’t want to screw up. So what can you do to make it memorable? You can create baby shower games like these that will leave the guests talking for months:

Name the Number Two

If there’s one thing every new mom is dreading it is changing poopy diapers. Nobody enjoys it, so why not capitalize on this hatred with an entertaining game? Choose a selection of miniature candy bars and place them inside some clean baby diapers. Microwave them just enough for the chocolate to melt (about 10 seconds), and squish them together to make them really look like baby poo (it’s cute if it’s from a baby, right?). For the game, have the guests sniff each diaper and try to figure out what the secret candy bar is inside.

Pass the Puree

Baby food is another new-mom staple that is a prime target for a baby shower game. For this one, gather up ten different baby food jars (the more obscure the better) and have each guest taste them. Whoever can guess the most correctly wins. And if you give them little baby spoons to sample the concoctions, you will be serving up even more laughs.

Decorate the Dress

It’s no secret that babies go through a lot of clothes, so why not provide the mom-to-be with a decorative wardrobe laden with memories? Stock up on some plain bodysuits, dresses, or t-shirts in several different sizes and then provide the guests with fabric paints and iron-ons galore. Let each attendee create her own custom outfit for the baby of the hour.