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3 Questions to Ask When Buying a Baby Shower Gift

Women smiling making a cheers at a baby shower


Sure, those diaper cakes are cute and so is that little outfit you found on clearance the other day. But are these really the best gifts to take to a baby shower? If you really want your present to be a success, put yourself in the place of the parents, and ask yourself these three questions.

Will it get used?

You already know that babies need a lot of stuff. But there is also a huge percentage of baby items that are strictly luxury items (wipes warmer, anyone?). If you really want to score the best baby gift award, make sure you are always keeping practicality at the forefront. Wipes and diapers aren’t exactly showstoppers at the baby shower, but they will get used. But please, don’t put the diapers in a cake form — no new parent wants to spend hours deconstructing the thing only to end up with damaged diapers to put on her newborn.

Is it appeasing your tastes or the parents’ tastes?

When it comes to items that come in multiples styles, like playpens, blankets, and clothing, it’s best to stick to the baby registry. While you might think the frilly dress is the cutest thing in the world, the mother of the baby might be more into sleek styles for her little one. If you choose something based on your tastes, there’s a good chance it will just end up sitting in the dresser and never getting worn.

Can the parents return it?

If you can help it, try to avoid buying anything that can’t be returned. Many parents are very particular about what they use with their baby — or they receive multiples — so a gift receipt will be a welcome addition to any present. After all, it’s always better if the money actually goes to something that will be used.


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