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3 Important elements of a Ballroom style ceremony


Did you know the word ballroom comes from the Latin word, “bailar”, meaning dance room? Ballrooms are sometimes referred to as banquet halls, and they are large rooms with three major visual features: a dance floor, neutral colors, and lots of room for customization. A ballroom style ceremony is therefore a ceremony inside of a ballroom. Traditionally, the rows of chairs form the aisle that the bridal party walks down. Here are some important aspects of a ballroom ceremony.

1) Ballroom grandeur

Ballroom style ceremonies often have a grand, elegant appeal. This is so because ballrooms usually have a big space and tall ceilings. The spaciousness of ballrooms are inspired in the of Victorian era dancing. That is why this kind of venues are perfect for couples looking to celebrate their wedding in a grand gesture way.

2) Reliability

Ballrooms are usually indoor space. One of the largest benefits this characteristic provides is reliability that rain won’t be any kind of worry on your wedding ceremony. Most of the time outdoor celebrations have other unreliable factors such as temperature, wind, lighting, etc. A ballroom is also great for pictures are the lighting will always be the same. If you are looking for a place that will give you comfort and not stress about unexpected weather or external factors, ballrooms are your choice.

3) Customization

One of the best things about ballroom style ceremonies is that it allows for creativity and customization. How so? Because you’re not limited to one style or theme. Most ballrooms have a neutral color (black, silver, or simple patterns) that can adapt to any theme and enough space to add decorative elements. You can arrange tables just like you wish. Our ballrooms give you more freedom to match your personality and needs! The more flexible the room, the more opportunities for customization you can have.

So, if you’re in Miami, we invite you to come check out our ballroom and see if it’s the right fit for your ceremony. Contact us today to schedule a tour.