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Options for a flavorful fall wedding menu

Fall wedding

Fall weddings are all about embracing the season. As temperature drops and leaves fall, the food we prepare and the flavors we enjoy change too. Therefore, it is no surprise for chefs and wedding caterers to adapt wedding menus according to each season. Keep reading to discover some cute and delicious fall flavors to include in your wedding.


Empanadas are delicious any time of year, but in order to make it a fall seasonal dish, it’s a good idea to add black beans or squash. Chillier weather means comfort food, so bringing these to the table is appropriate, especially since empanadas are served hot. This will make your guest warm and comfy when served in a cool setting.

Brisket sliders

Ask your caterer to do up a warm, smoky slider. Having this deep, maple flavor of smoked brisket is perfect for the fall season. Of course, make sure that the meals served are somehow similar to the theme of the wedding. Adding heart foods like these sliders will elevate the fall ambiance.

Sweet potato puree

For dinner or the large meal, include a heartier, fall selection. A nice fall idea is incorporating a cauliflower mash or a sweet potato puree to bring in the warm flavors of the harvest. Its color also adds to the overall fall aesthetic of the season.

Roasted brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts are quintessential fall vegetables, and although some people might not be that into it you can still incorporate them into the menu, perhaps as an option to choose from other sides. This fresh, seasonal option goes perfect in a roasted dish to bring out nature’s earthy flavors.

Chicken and biscuits

This option is an excellent choice of comfort food. A warm chicken biscuit with and honey drizzle can be served as breakfast food or as a dinner entree to end the night on a warm, seasonal note.

In the fall, wedding menus tend to go for warm, savory, sweet, and comfort-inducing foods. Make sure to ask about our fall menu options, other optional menu selections are available upon request. Contact us to learn more!