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3 Fun Facts to Know About Weddings

Weddings are a joyous occasion for any couple. A tradition that has lasted so long throughout the years has plenty of historical details and facts that you may not be aware of! Take a moment to learn these fun facts about weddings.

1. You Don’t Need a New Name

Over 2.4 million Americans get married annually. After most of these weddings, the bride will have a new name. While it’s not a requirement to walk away with a new name after nuptial rules, it’s still a popular practice. However, it’s not a legal requirement for the bride to do so. As many as 70% of Americans believe in a bridal name change, according to Fact Retriever.

2. Bouquets Used to Be Herbs

Modern brides make a great effort to pick out the perfect wedding bouquet to walk down the aisle with. The bouquet may be something symbolic to them or may match their dress. It may also tie into the centerpieces during the local wedding reception. Flowers are so popular for modern weddings that they have created a subsection of the floral industry. However, there was a time when those bouquets were simply garlic and rosemary. Roman brides carried these herbs under their veils as a symbol of protection as well as for the pleasant scent. This historic tradition was meant to ensure long-term prosperity for the married couple.

3. Wedding DJs Became Popular in the 1960s

Some staples of the best wedding ceremonies are tasty food, magical photography, and of course, great music. Wedding DJs are a must-have for many soon-to-be married couples, as having the right songs to dance to and wind down is pivotal to creating a cohesive, enjoyable experience for everyone. Did you know that wedding DJs came to prominence in the United Kingdom during the 1960s? A disc jockey named Roger Squire pioneered the popular Mobile Discotheque business, which became so popular that it quickly expanded to play music for different social functions across the country.

Official weddings have been a way for couples to bond, share their love, and celebrate a new beginning together. Whether you want to incorporate old traditions into your wedding or create a completely new one, Renaissance Miami is happy to help you. If you’re planning a local wedding, contact us today for a consultation.