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2024 Summer Wedding Trends to Know About

If you’ve just gotten engaged, you’re probably scouring good wedding places, thinking about flowers, and taste-testing meal and dessert options. However, before you get into the full swing of planning, consider these 2024 summer wedding trends and how you may incorporate aspects into your own nuptials.

Sustainable Nuptials

Sustainability continues to be a major focus, with eco-friendly weddings gaining even more popularity. Couples are opting for locally sourced flowers, reusable decor, and eco-conscious invitations. Venues that prioritize sustainability are in high demand. Additionally, many are choosing digital invitations and RSVPs to reduce paper waste.

Intimate Gatherings

The trend of smaller, more intimate weddings remains strong in 2024. Micro-weddings, with guest lists of 50 or fewer, allow for a more personalized experience. This trend encourages a focus on meaningful interactions and high-quality details, such as gourmet meals and personalized favors, making the day feel even more special for everyone involved.

Bold Colors and Patterns

Bright and bold colors are making a comeback this summer. Vibrant palettes featuring shades like coral, teal, and magenta are replacing traditional pastels. Couples are also embracing patterns, such as floral prints and geometric designs, in their decor and attire. This trend extends to bridesmaid dresses, table linens, and even the cake, adding a lively and contemporary touch to the celebration.

Experiential Elements

Incorporating experiential elements into weddings is a trend that continues to grow. Couples are creating interactive stations, such as DIY cocktail bars, photo booths with custom props, and live entertainment, to engage their guests. These features add a fun and personalized touch to the celebration, ensuring that everyone has a memorable experience.

Vintage and Boho Styles

According to WeddingPro, 62% of ceremonies took place outside in 2021. This year, more brides than ever are searching for good wedding places that offer beautiful outdoor nuptials that incorporate vintage and bohemian styles. Think lace dresses, floral crowns, and rustic decor. This trend brings a sense of nostalgia and romance, blending effortlessly with the outdoor settings often chosen for summer nuptials.

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