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3 Fun Entertainment Ideas for a Baby Shower

Mini cupcakes for baby shower

If you or someone you know will be having a baby in the next few months, the idea of a baby shower may be running through your head. The main purpose is to get together with friends and family and “shower” the mom-to-be (and possibly dad) with things they may need for the baby. However, most baby showers will have some form of entertainment. If you are at loss for what type of entertainment will work best for your party, consider these three ideas as a place to begin.

* Play a simple game — While you may not want to do anything complex, there are a number of simple games that are plenty of fun too. One super-easy activity involves putting a diaper pin on each person when they enter the party. Then, if someone catches you saying the word “baby” they get to take your pin (or one of your pins if you’ve gotten any extras.) The person who has the most at the end of the event wins a prize!

* Make food fun — An easy way to entertain the guests is to make food the focus. Let everyone make mini pizzas, specialty cookies or cupcakes at the event. It’s a lot of fun to bond over food.

* Crafts — In today’s Pinterest lifestyle, it’s not hard to find fun craft ideas. Get crafty as a group. You could even do something like decorate bibs and wind up with a nice gift for the mom-to-be at the end of the party.
These ideas are only the beginning when it comes to the fun you can have at a baby shower. Ask around among those who may be attending, and especially the mom, and come up with some ideas that fit your particular event perfectly.