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3 Sweet 16 Party Game Ideas Sure to Make Everyone Laugh

Sweet 16 Party venue

Most Sweet 16 parties are all about the music, dancing, and delicious food, but many people often forget about the games. Just because your daughter is not a little girl anymore doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to have fun. When you include some games in the festivities, you will help make your daughter’s party even more memorable. Here are some entertaining Sweet 16 party game ideas that are age-appropriate and easy to pull off.

Spot the Lie

This one is pretty easy. Each guest writes down three facts about herself on an index card. There’s just one catch: One of the “facts” is actually made up. After everyone has made their list, go around the room and have the group figure out which one is fake. Not only is it fun, it will also help your daughter and her friends get to know each other a little better.

Lip Sync Showdown

Create a playlist of popular songs, and then have each guest (or groups of guests if there are a lot of attendees) put on a lip-syncing performance to rival the original artist. Appoint a few adults to be the judges, and have them award prizes for the most believable performance, the funniest one, the one with the most dramatic flare, etc.

Do You Know the Birthday Girl?

For this game, it is all about the guest of honor, literally. Create a quiz asking the guests about all of your daughter’s favorite things or little facts about her (favorite song, dream vacation, eye color, etc.). Design a visually appealing one-page form, complete with a spot to tally the questions answered correctly. Whoever can answer the most questions correctly wins a prize.