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Where does your budget go when planning a baby shower?

Baby shower planning

Baby showers are a special moment for parents-to-be. They are fun but they also need planning and a budget. The cost largely depends on the venue, the number of guests in attendance, party favors, food, or prizes. In this blog post, we’ll detail where a baby shower budget goes to.


Invitations are important for a baby shower, without them, guests won’t know the date, theme, location, or even if they’re invited at all! A good rule of thumb is to allocate between 5% of the baby shower budget to the invite. Have at least three different options to compare prices and quality. You can also create a custom digital invite, which won’t require printing and can therefore help you save on this cost.

Venue and location

For in-person baby showers, the venue should account for between 5-10% of the budget as well. For example, if the baby shower cost $1000, then the venue rental would ideally be between $50-100. It might be wise for hosts with large guest lists to rent out a venue space that is not only beautiful but also offers other services. At Renaissance, our full-service facilities offer a wide array of products and services to help bring your vision of that perfect day into a reality executed in a tasteful way. Our in-house qualified event specialist will guide you through each step of the baby shower planning experience.


The decor is what gives the baby shower its fun and spirit! Set aside 10% of the budget for decor. But there are ways to save money, such as looking into printable decor for things like buntings and other signs. Pinterest also has a ton of inspiration and DIY decor projects for you to save on costs.

Food and drink

Food is usually the most expensive part of a baby shower. Hosts should prepare to spend 40-50% of their budget just on food! That might seem high, but truth is, no one will enjoy the baby shower if they’re hungry. This being said, you can play and get creative with food ideas. Maybe instead of having a heavy meal, you can order mini bit sizes and have a variety of snacks.

Although these are the most important elements to consider when planning the budget for a baby shower, hosts should leave a small amount of the budget for miscellaneous. At Renaissance, we can help you take the stress out of planning your baby shower! Contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our event specialists for packages, pricing information, and an on-site tour!