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What is the Perfect Bouquet for Your Wedding?

wedding ballrooms

Working on the layout for wedding ballrooms involves a special element, the bouquet. Flowers are vital for any wedding, starting with the bouquet the bride brings down the aisle to the centerpieces that fit the overall theme. As you plan your special day, here are some ideas for the perfect wedding bouquet for a bride or those table focal points.


According to Josh Harrison Photography, 2.3 million couples wed every year. Those wedding photos will contain shots of many beautiful flowers, such as timeless roses. These blooms come in a variety of colors, sizes, and scents. They typically symbolize romance, so they’re often a top choice for Valentine’s Day or wedding days. A bouquet table setting for wedding ballrooms can include the traditional red roses mixed with other hues to go with the theme or to create contrast. Add candles for an even more romantic effect.


If you want a softer feminine bouquet that can range from white to coral to pink, peonies are a great option for any wedding bouquet. If your wedding takes place in late spring to early summer, these flowers would be perfect for your wedding venue. They often add texture, beautiful fragrance, and volume to any table setting.


A great way to bring sunshine to wedding ballrooms is adding sunflowers. Their yellow hue is a great way to bring warmth, joy, and interior sunshine to any wedding. They’re easy to care for and can last a long time, so they won’t wilt before the wedding dance occurs. It’s hard not to feel cozy and joyous with sunflowers in the middle of your wedding table. Use these blooms to capture a country or rustic theme..


For a sophisticated look, consider adding orchids to your wedding table setting. Many people love the variety of colors and shapes that they come in. Whether your wedding theme is modern, tropical, or beach, each table can make a statement with these flowers. Consider combining them with floating candles for even more style and chicness.

Local wedding ballrooms are a source of joy year-round. It’s where couples can celebrate their nuptials, and that’s why organizers take the ultimate care to ensure each table is perfect, starting with the right bouquet setting. If you’re looking for a wedding venue that can handle floral arrangements, we’re here for you. Call us for a consultation today.