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Wedding Flower Etiquette – Are Artificial Flowers Acceptable?

Colorful bouquet of flowers on a step of stairs

When you are planning a wedding, it seems like every little detail turns into a big orders. One example of this is flowers. How do you choose the right flowers for your big day? You have a lot to think about, because after all, you want something that will look good and that will stand up to the temperatures and humidity of your chosen wedding venue. You may find yourself looking at silk or other artificial flowers as an alternative. We’ve put together a bit of information about using artificial flowers at your wedding and the etiquette you need to consider before you decide to take the leap.

  • Faux Pas? – Not anymore. Many professionals and those in-the-know regarding etiquette consider it absolutely find to choose silk flowers for any reason.
  • Allergies – If you or another member of the wedding party has significant allergies, choosing silk or other artificial flowers should be a priority. No one will mind, especially with your specific needs.
  • Trim Please – One of the things that make artificial flowers look more artificial are the stems. Take time to trim these long plastic stems and wrap them with florist’s tape and ribbon to give a better look.
  • Cost – You may think that you’ll save money by going the artificial route. However, silk or other good artificial flowers can often be more expensive than the real deal—something you should definitely keep in mind.

So, now that you know a bit more about what the common thought is on artificial flowers at a wedding, you can make a smart decision and find flowers that will fit your needs best.