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Time to plan your company’s holiday soiree! Four must-haves for your next corporate party

Smiling business people celebrating with champagne

Planning your corporate party? The holidays provide an excellent opportunity for the big bosses to show their employees how much they’re appreciated. However, holiday parties can also end up boring, humorless affairs that drag on for too long. If you prefer your next holiday party to be fun for everyone, make sure to include these four essentials to ensure your event won’t fall flat.

Splurge If You Can

Penny-pinching does not make a fun party. Try to work out your budget so that you can spend more to keep attendees having fun the whole night long. Your company’s employees will recognize that you went the extra mile to show them how much you value their hard work all year long, and they’ll be sure to talk about the event for months to come.

Don’t Skimp on Food

There’s nothing worse than skipping dinner on the night of your annual office get-together, only to discover that that all there is to eat are chips and dips or scant appetizers. Go all out and feed your workers a real meal, carefully prepared by skilled chefs. Many event venues even provide in-house catering for any special gathering. Take advantage of their knowledge and allow them to handle the food. Your colleagues will thank you for feeding them a substantial meal as opposed to sad cheese cubes and dry crackers.

Rock the House with a Band

Hiring a band will get people up on their feet to dance and have a great time. Theme bands that play 80s dance music, look-a-like bands that play Beatles tunes, or other types of cover bands that play songs everyone knows will turn your holiday party into a memorable event. Live music will also bring people together and act as an ice-breaker if the attendees don’t know each other well.

Arrange for Free Transportation Home

You want your party-goers to drink and have fun, but you also want them to arrive home safely afterward. Provide free rides via a taxi service or a pool of designated drivers in order to make sure that your employees have no excuse to drive home intoxicated. After all, you want them all back for next year’s holiday party, too. As the old saying goes, better safe than sorry.