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Make Your Next Corporate Event as Relaxing as Possible

Corporate event with people eating and drinking

A corporate event provide an ideal opportunity to market your company or organization. To ensure your audience is as receptive as possible to your event program, it’s critical to select a location that allows your audience members to relax. A location that allows ample meeting space, as well as banqueting facilities, means your guests will not have to travel from one location to another during the day. This will give them more time to interact and network, and allow you to fit more events into each day’s schedule.

Many businesses and groups make the mistake of scheduling different events in different venues, or choose a facility where food service is not available. The result: Meeting attendees who must rush from one location to another and who are frequently tired and inattentive by the end of the day. In some cases, inconvenience can even translate into lower attendance at future events and may leave a poor impression of your company or organization.

At Renaissance, our facilities are designed to support daylong activities, from the opening message to closing remarks. We specialize in offering state-of-the-art meeting facilities designed not only to accommodate both large and small audiences, but which are also able to support electronics equipment necessary for symposia and other speaking events. On-site catering facilities mean an end to boring “convention” fare and those “rubber chicken” dishes for which many corporate events have become — unfortunately — well-known. At Renaissance, our academy-trained chefs are skilled at preparing a wide range of cuisine, from buffets to sit-down, full-service events.

Our entire staff is experienced in corporate event planning planning, and we understand the unique needs of both businesses and non-profit organizations. We welcome the opportunity to work with businesses and organizations of all sizes to ensure your next event is as successful as it can be.