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Events And Weddings: Three Reasons Why Paper Invitations Still Rule

Paper Invitations for wedding

Today, it’s easier than ever before to accomplish tasks using the internet, email, and social media. This technology has led to the popularity of digital invitations (also known as evites) for parties and other events. With these available, is there still a place for paper invitations? Yes – – for events, such as a wedding or other significant occasions, investing in paper invitations may be the best option. Consider these three reasons why paper invitations still rule.

  • They make your guests feel special – Throughout the week we all get plenty of emails and notes. But how often do we get real, not junk, mail? Most likely it is quite infrequently. Sending a paper invitation makes your guests feel like they are special and loved.
  • Improved response rate – It’s easy for a recipient to set aside an email and plan to respond later. However, if someone receives a paper invitation with an RSVP request on it, they are more likely to respond – – even if that response is by email or social media.
  • Creating memories – An emailed wedding invitation isn’t likely something you will keep in your scrapbook. However, an intricate paper invitation is something that you can treasure for years to come.

There are many benefits to an evite or digital invitation. For certain events, a paper card is well worth the effort and cost. Take some time to look over the options and choose an invitation that reflects your personality and the overall tone of your planned event.