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Three Fun Sweet Sixteen Activities

young girls dancing having fun

For many young girls, a sweet sixteen or quinceañeras is second only to their wedding day when it comes to important milestone events. The event should be enjoyable for the birthday person, but also for those who attend and spend time with the special girl. Browsing through the available party hall rentals or reception halls for quinceañeras and sweet sixteen parties is an important first step. However, it is just that: a first step. Deciding on the entertainment and activities is just as important. If you’re at loss for the best ways to entertain a crowd of young people, consider one of these as a starting point:
sweet sixteen party

* Photo Booth: Everyone wants to remember the big day, why not rent a photo booth and capture these memories in an old-fashioned way? There are many options available and this allows the guests to have something special to take home with them.

* Karaoke/DJ: Singing, dancing and enjoying music are all a lot of fun. If you can find a karaoke jockey (KJ) who will play a combination of new hit music, dance classics and allow the guests to karaoke, you’ll wind up with an event that is fun for everyone.

* Big Screen Movies: Setting up a projector to play a classic or new movie is a great option for entertainment. If you provide popcorn and soda you have all the fun of the theater but the excitement of a party.

In many cases, offering entertainment is just an icebreaker. Once the party gets started, the teens will entertain themselves. However, it is important to have these ideas in place so that you are assured of a fun evening for everyone.