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Things to Consider When Picking a Caterer for Your Miami Business Event

Things To Consider When Picking A Caterer For Your Miami Business Event

Sometimes a business meeting is more than a meeting, especially if it comes at the end of a quarter or the year. One of the biggest things that turns a Miami business meeting into an event is getting some good food catered. If you’re the one that has the task delegated to them to make a corporate meeting into an event, then you have a few things to learn in order to make the event a successful one.

Identify the Tone of Your Event

Sometimes Miami business events are meant to have a classy, formal feel, and other times a little more mixing is encouraged. Matching the catering menu, and possibly an offsite venue for the event can help capture the right mindset of the employees, board members, or even stockholders or other patrons depending on the nature of the meeting. At Renaissance Ballrooms, we are known for our wedding planning services and catering, but our services and menu also translates quite well into the business world. Our catering menu ranges from relatively simple selections, such as finger sandwiches, deviled eggs and dried snack mix to more prestigious selections, such as grilled lamb chops, or escargot. We offer many “in-between” options as well, including chicken wings,¬†petite meatballs, crab cakes, and Cuban Papitas, meat-stuffed, breaded mashed potato balls. If you identify the tone, we can match it.

Determine the Size and Choose Your Venue

Some companies have large onsite spaces that can accommodate major meetings, but they may or may not want to actually hold their business event onsite. At Renaissance, we can help in either interest. Whether you strictly want food catered to your own location, or you would like to choose one of our locations for your meeting we are a great choice for your Miami business event.

We have two freestanding facilities that are suitable for as few as 50 people or up over 500. Theater-style seating is an option, for those meetings that require presentations that need to be reviewed by all participants. If needed we can also supplement furniture, and even offer entertainment options, for when business is done.

To learn more, contact Renaissance Event Venue in Miami at 305-261-2001 or in Coral Gables at 305-445-1313 to schedule a consultation.