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The Top Wedding Trends of 2019

wedding trends 2019

With the year edging closer to its close, it may be a good time to explore some of the most stand-out wedding trends of the year so far. 2019 has seen some of the most enchanting, graceful, and even eccentric trends ever highlighted.

This piece will highlight some of these trends, to keep you in the know about the hottest wedding trends of 2019.

Top Wedding Trends 2019

2019 has been a fantastic year for weddings. With a bit of spillover and improvements from 2018 and a heap of other excellent new trends for even more glamorous and momentous weddings. What is, however, clear from these trends is that weddings are becoming ever-so personalized. Without further ado, here are some of the top wedding trends 2019.

1. Velvet

A touch of regal and elegance has been a noteworthy aspect of most weddings in 2019. Velvet has been the material of choice for more than a few weddings across the country. From entire suits to bowties and even linen, velvet has been the perfect fusion of fashion and weddings in 2019. The material is also a great complement to bouquets when wrapped around them. So there you have it, possibly the chicest trend of 2019 for weddings: velvet.

2. Floral Moon Gates

There is something mystical and enchanting about floral moon gates that have appealed to lots of couples looking to tie the knot. These floral arches or better known as infinity arches are the perfect elements to add a wow factor to weddings this year. They also make a great backdrop for incredible wedding photos. Furthermore, these moon gates come in various designs and can be tweaked to fit your wedding theme. Just be careful when decorating the moon gates, they might snatch the spotlight from the bride; please take note.

Since most weddings in the country, almost 15% takes place in June, making it the most popular wedding month, floral gates have been spotted in many weddings in 2019.

3. Gospel Choirs

Most wedding trends 2019 have drawn great inspiration from the royal wedding between Harry and Meghan. Gospel choirs have been an excellent addition to a lot of weddings in 2019. Sweet sounding harmonious tones are great for commemorating that special day. This is especially true when the wedding venue is a banquet hall or a beautiful ballroom with good room acoustics to accentuate the melodies and make the wedding even more royal. With gospel choirs, most couples have gone the extra mile and even dressed up the choirs to match their overall wedding theme to incredible effect. Just remember to include the choir in your catering too.

4. Very Long Veils

Veils have always been a feature at any wedding. In 2019, veils have become extra-long, possibly taking a leaf from Priyanka Chopra’s cape which was a whopping 75-feet. However outrageous it seems, these outlandishly long veils have been praised for their angelic look and how beautiful they swish to the whims of the wind. Plenty of brides have embraced this eccentric trend in their weddings in 2019.

5. Ambient Lighting

Wedding lighting has been taken a notch higher in 2019 and creative statement lighting is among the most innovative wedding trends 2019. Lighting fixtures really help to bring life to the wedding, even the best wedding places may suffer from occasional dullness and statement lighting are an easy and beautiful way to liven up the place. Some couples choose to play around with the lighting and even incorporate lanterns and dazzling flashing lights for the dance floor which takes the reception to a whole other level. Lighting has also been used to enhance wedding photos with very excellent results.

Wedding trends 2019 have made a huge improvement from the previous year’s trends and are as glamorous as ever. Hopefully, some of these wonderful trends will spill over to the next year, but only time will tell.