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The Next Big Trends for Fall 2021

Event Trends for Fall 2021

Fall is officially around the corner and that means a new wave of trends coming in. Like many other industries, the events industry also has to adjust to the new season as temperatures, color palettes, and even food changes. Here are the top four major fall events trends.


Micro-events have been a growing trend for some time, and due to the pandemic, it has become an upcoming trend for this fall. It consists of choosing a segment of a usual event and organizing it as a stand-alone session. Examples include receptions, get-togethers, small sessions, micro-weddings, etc. These events are rather small and may even be a better alternative during these times instead of canceling events.

Covered Cuisine

Most event planners are opting for plated service, where servers bring dishes directly to each attendee. A very elegant and cute idea is having small and large cloches cover meals. This also adds a wow factor as the food is revealed, and depending on the artsy of the item even more appreciated by the attendees.

New Seating Layouts

With the new normal, many standard things have become a matter of the past, seating included. This fall, seating arrangements will require social distancing especially during moments where people have to be unmasked. Now is the time to offer a mix of seating options such as high-boy tables, or large communal tables with zigzag spaced chairs that provide at least six feet of distance and space.

Venue Flexibility

Venues need to be on top of the game, especially nowadays where things change at a rapid pace. This includes investing in high-quality technology displays for live events. Another thing is having multiple facilities within one venue to accommodate a number of events at the same time.

It’s important to stay in tune with these trends in order to make your events safe and memorable to those you invite. These trends apply to corporate events, weddings, graduations, you name it. Make sure to contact our event specialists to learn more.