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Rethink Age-Old Wedding Traditions, And Remember, It’s All About You!

infographic: Wedding traditions

Apparently, getting married is the thing to do — even Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie recently cast aside their well-known reluctance to marry by hosting an intimate ceremony at a vineyard castle (sounds nice!) in France. What is not necessarily a given, however, are the specifics of the wedding. Today’s brides and grooms are getting increasingly creative and doing things their way, not the way they’re expected to, or ways that may have been established decades ago. What are some true-life examples of couples doing their own thing on their wedding day?

A One-Of-A-Kind Getaway
Ten percent of brides are saying goodbye to tradition, and choosing wedding dresses colors other than ivory and white. Similarly, modern wedding plans may also include a unique getaway car or vehicle, something that will easily depart from the expected limousine or vintage car models. One Virginia couple, for example, met while volunteering as EMTs. As such, they appropriately rented a Cadillac ambulance for their wedding day.

Are Mountain Bikes And Beer The Ingredients To A Perfect Wedding?
Truly unique, nice wedding places do not necessarily have to be overly complicated or over-the-top. Special places to have a wedding can, instead, be much more personal and meaningful — and may be inspired by where the couple met or by milestones in their relationship. A North Carolina couple, who took up mountain biking together, hosted their ceremony and reception in a meadow alongside one of their favorite biking paths. They also incorporated their love for unique, craft beers — mixing together a vanilla porter and a strawberry wheat beer for a “strawberry shortcake” concoction.

“That Old Time Rock N’ Roll”
Finally, wedding receptions can simply celebrate a couple’s love for the arts or music — or, in this particular case, rock n’ roll. A Florida couple exchanged vows on a beach in Key West, playing songs by Led Zeppelin and The Eagles at their ceremony, and at their reception, held in the local Hard Rock Cafe.

It takes just about seven to 12 months to plan a wedding on average, and a quarter of couples will chose a specific theme for their wedding plans. No matter how long you take and what you plan to do, remember: times are changing, and the day is yours to do exactly what you want with it.