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Planning a Quinceañera? Don’t Forget These Details!

Quinceañera fancy tables

A quinceañera is an event that every teenage girl looks forward too. However, in order to make the day go off without a hitch, your planning has to be perfect. Don’t forget anything on your big day and follow these quinceañera-planning tips.

Set a budget and stick to it
It is very easy to go overboard during your planning process. To prevent an unsightly credit card bill at the end of the day, establish your budget even before you discuss anything with your party planner. This way they will be able to offer options that are wallet-friendly.

Get an all-inclusive banquet hall
Know what to look for when you are choosing between banquet halls and event venues. It will make your life easier if you decide on a place that will provide all linens, centerpieces, chairs, and decorations — this way you can show up on that day and not have to worry about setting up or getting everything ready. Don’t forget to check out wedding ballrooms as well, because if you think about, it a quinceañera is just a wedding shrunk down for size!

Choose your color and theme according to the season
We all know that one of the most important details of your quinceañera is your dress, and your dress is complimented by gorgeous flower bouquets. However, it is important that you consider the season when choosing your colors as you may not be able to find flowers in your colors during certain months of the year.

Don’t forget the adults
There will be adults at your party, so make sure you have set up a cocktail bar for them! Even consider a cocktail hour at the beginning of the party — spending for cocktail hours has risen in banquet halls from 69% to 76% in 2010, so follow the trend and make your adult guests happy!

Ask for recommendations
We all know that it can be overwhelming to choose photographers, DJs, and hair and makeup artists by yourself. Bypass the confusion and simply ask around for recommendations, and this way you will be able to hire reputable people and there won’t be any surprises.

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