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How to Find the Banquet Hall Rentals for Your Dream Wedding

infographic: Brides and grooms look for wedding venues that fit their personality

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A wedding day is an incredible experience for any couple, and one that should stand out, not just in the minds of the newly weds, but in the guests’ as well. While there are a number of factors that go into a wedding that can be molded to fit the bride and groom’s desires, one facet that will inevitably have an effect on everyone involved are the venues.

When considering wedding venues and banquet hall rentals for receptions, around 40% of brides and grooms-to-be are looking for unconventional settings that will reflect their own unique personalities. Besides just the average church ceremony and hotel conference rooms, engaged couples have a variety of options that have become more accepted locales for weddings. Many couples are opting for outdoor and location weddings which have the added freedom of being able to be situated in more diverse areas.

One factor in particular that will impact your decisions is the number of guests. It’s extremely important to know what your estimated guest list will be so as to coordinate for venues that can house them all. In 2014, the average wedding couple invited about 136 guests to their weddings, making up a substantial amount of people that must be comfortable in the premises provided.

When searching for their ideal venues, couples are usually in a frantic state trying to find the right sites for their event, as well as deal with the pile of other responsibilities needing to be organized, often preventing them from seeing all potential locales. However, approximately 48% of couples are now researching banquet hall rentals and other wedding reception places online to facilitate their crazy schedules and save time and effort.

In the time it used to take engaged couples to call event venues and banquet hall rentals, setup a time to view it, drive to the location, and then speak to the representative about all of your questions, a simple online search could have done all of that for 10 venues. Just because a wedding day is so special, doesn’t mean that the planning behind it has to be stressful and overwhelming. It’s more than possible for a couple to design the wedding of their dreams without tearing their hair out until the day of.